Worth Remembering

I believe that, as the descendants of Weber County’s greatest generation, it is our responsibility to honor and remember every sacrifice made during the war.   That is the driving force behind this website and blog.Wayne A. Fisher

Every story of a lost man is tragic.  A family has lost a son, brother, father or husband.  The more details I am able to find just adds to the sense of tragedy.

Captain Wayne A. Fisher was the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Fisher of 2359 Van Buren.  He graduated from Ogden High and the University of Utah.  He had studied medicine at Columbia for 2 years when he was called to active duty to the Philippines.

The paper reported that he was one of the first prisoners taken when the Philippines fell in early 1942.  His parents did not know of his whereabouts until they received a message in the summer of 1944.

The message read, “I am interred at the Philippine military prison camp No. 1.  My health is excellent.  It is good to have this opportunity to write and tell you that I am well and hoping and praying that you are all the same and that you are not worrying.  Keep the home fires burning until that great day when we can all be reunited.  Wayne A. Fisher”

That was the last word the Fisher’s received from their son.  In July of 1945 they received the news that Captain Fisher had been aboard an unmarked transport on December 15, 1944, on the way to Japan, when it was sunk.  There was no way for the U.S. air corp to know that American prisoners of war were on that ship.

After the war the Fisher’s received a letter from General Douglas MacArthur.  It read in part, “You may have some consolation in the memory that he, along with his comrades-in-arms, gave his life for this country.  It was largely their magnificent courage and sacrifice which stopped the enemy in the Philippines and gave us the time to arm ourselves for our return to the Philippines and the final defeat of Japan.  Their names will be enshrined in our country’s glory forever.   In your son’s death I have lost a gallant comrade and mourn with you.”

Captain Fisher was survived by his parents and four sisters.