Pfc Mark G. Lantz

Private First Class Mark G. Lantz was born in Iowa City, Iowa on May 17, 19Mark G. Lantz20.  He was the only child of Glenn and Bertha Lantz and came to Ogden with his parents in 1939.  He graduated from Ogden High School.

He joined the air corp on December 23, 1942 and trained in the flexible gunnery school at Tyndall field, Panama City, Florida.  He was assigned as a nose gunner on a B-24.

On February 13, 1945, he left with his crew for Gandor, an airbase on Newfoundland, used as a stopover for Canadian and American planes on the way to Europe. The plane was reported as missing on February 14th, the next day.

The Missing Air Crews declassified record of the crash shows that the B-24 and the crew of ten was sighted as they approached Gandor.  The weather report at the time indicated that there was low visibility with snow and drifting snow.  The plane never landed.

His parents were notified in early March that he was missing.  Interestingly, he was not listed as missing in action, since the plane was not involved in a battle at the time. The bodies were recovered and buried in a cemetery in Newfoundland.  In June of 1946, Pfc Lantz was confirmed  dead with a status DNB (died non-battle).

The Lantz’s lost their only child on February 14, 1945.

ac10f5d99eeacfdb4e434b9aa2481885In 1947 his body was returned to the Defense Depot Ogden and a funeral was held on November 14, 1947.

He is buried in the Ogden Cemetery.