A Common Mishap

My sister, Kathy recently chanced upon a box full of scrapbooks and genealogy from one of our great-uncles.  It was full of yearbooks, letters, and aIMG_2602 (2) bunch of great old pictures.

There was only one problem.  Most of the  pictures did not have names.   There were dozens from past times and no one has any idea of who they are.

So, your mission for this week,  if you choose to accept it, is to find your family pictures.  I am not talking about those ancestor pictures like the one above.   Those are important too.  This week your challenge is to look for those from the family reunion of 1970, or whatever they are.  Make sure the names in those pictures are identified.

From my experience you want to digitize them.  Also, decide on how you will name your pictures so they will be easily located in the future.  But if that is a little too complicated for you right now (and I know right where you are coming from!) just find the pictures.  Get a pen and post-it notes and start identifying.  Write names and dates and locations if you have them.  If not, just record what you do know.  If you don’t know then get with your family.  (Don’t write on the picture.  Add the post-it note to the back until you can more permanently preserve them.)

One thing we have learned from sad experience is that it doesn’t get any easier.  The people in our lives who probably know the identify of Great Aunt Martha won’t be there forever. And the next person who gets the box of family pictures won’t know either.

So unless you want your descendants to be totally frustrated with you, start today!