Most Embarrassing Moments

My story today is one of my most embarrassing moments.  I seem to have a lot of them, but whenever I think of this one, I still blush.

I was in the Attendance Office one day at Weber High (the old school on 12th and Washington) when someone came in looking for girls to enter the Junior Miss Pageant.   One of my good friends decided to enter and I thought, ‘what the heck! It might be fun.’  The scholarship pageant consisted of your gpa, a talent, a ‘fitness dance’ (the girls all performed together) and an interview.CCI27042016_2

The preliminary judging, (the interview and the talent) took place the day before.  Only the contestants, judges and pageant officials were allowed.  After our interviews we went into a large hall with a stage and each shared our talent.  I was playing the piano.  After six years of lessons I was just OK, not great.   I was playing the song I learned for my last recital.

When it was my turn I walked up to the stairs leading to the piano.  When I got to the top stair I caught my toe and tripped.  I went sprawling and slid almost to the bench. There I was in my formal, with my music and a roomful of people. I don’t remember much after that.  Only that my knees were both bleeding and my elbow hurt but somehow I made it through the song.  Thankfully it was over.

Fast forward to the next morning, the day of the pageant.  I packed up my formal and my shorts and t-shirt for the fitness dance.  Considering my graceful performance of the previous night I didn’t take my music.  Because, well there was no way I would be a finalist and only finalists performed.

Imagine my horror when my name was announced as a finalist.  I can only think they showed extreme pity on the poor girl who fell up the stairs.

There was only one problem.  Now I had to play – and I had no music.  “Well,” I reasoned with myself.  “I should be able to get through it.  Besides, what choice do I have?”

That must have been the worst performance of all time.  The only ones more humiliated than me were my parents.   Of course I didn’t win.

After that I didn’t play anymore.  I quit my lessons and seldom sat down at the piano.  Even to this day I am terrified to play in public.  It’s something I am working on, but it has taken 40+ years to recover!

Now it’s your turn.  Write about one embarrassing moment that you remember.  It’s not about being embarrassed.  It’s about being embarrassed and surviving to tell the tale!